Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pistol Opera review

Pistol Opera, Seijun Suzuki’s pseudo-remake-sequel to Branded to Kill inserts a female assassin (Makiko Esumi) in the Number 3 position pressured to seek out the Number 1 spot. We’ve all wanted to see Branded to Kill in full color and got our wish because Pistol Opera seemed to be Suzuki’ most visually stunning piece yet. His lavish choice of color leads to beautiful cinematography and along with the stylish jazzy soundtrack, Pistol Opera had the chance to surpass Branded to Kill. But Suzuki seems to have also advanced with his absurd abstract filmmaking as well, driving this film without any clear narrative, confusing symbolism and little action. It is excruciating to see little hints of genius such as an extreme long shot for a gunfight, but to no real benefit. The weird characters are still there, but they can’t compliment an even weirder storyline that just leaves the viewer disconnected after the first thirty minutes. You want to like it and you’ll try really hard to like it, but the disappointing entertainment and convoluted plot will hurt.


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