Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ninja Scroll review

A wandering Ninja discovers his old nemesis is alive and planning on taking over the government with a group of supernatural demons at his disposal. Along with a “poisonous” ninja girl and a clever old hermit-like character, he must face off against each unique demon to help save the country.

The Good?
The unique and exciting story that places a strongly creative emphasis on its villains. After a stunning opener with the mysterious golem villain, the prospect of watching Jubei hunt down seven more similarly inventive enemies will excite anyone. The film delivers epic, sequential confrontations that force our hero to find a clever technique to defeat each new enemy and that’s all it really needs.

Its influence on anime and live-action film, happily embracing excessive blood, over-the-top action and gratuitous nudity. This is classic anime and it uses these elements right, in such off-beat ways.

The animation is well-done with a more artsy feel to it. The action is very clear with blood, gore and forest detail in every shot. While it’s not the best animation now, or for its time period, it does its job.

The Bad?
Anime fans today might be jaded and uninterested in this film if they have seen all the elements before. But it’s still well-crafted and odd enough that this probably won’t be the case.


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