Monday, September 1, 2008

My Tutor Friend review

After her father loses his job and her mother is forced to work to support the family, college student, Su-Wan (Kim Ha-neul) must take up a painful job of tutoring high schoolers. She soon finds herself teaching a rich 21-year-old delinquent, Ji-Hoon, who has been held back for two years and refuses to cooperate.

The Good?
The characters. Kim Ha-neul is perfect in her sweet-natured awkward role in direct contrast to the moody, confrontational Kwon Sang-woo as Ji-hoon. They grow on us and the film's best moments consist of the two of them alone in argument with vague signs of friendship emerging, and then disappearing completely when they lapse into arguments again and threaten each other with death.

The plot isn't logically structured, so it doesn't resemble your average teen comedy. It focuses on unexpected elements at times, some that work, some that don't. But in either case, it's nice that the film tries to be a little distinctive at times.

The film is entertaining despite its shortcomings. It's nicely polished and a light, breezy, all-over-the-place watch for viewers to just sit back and amuse themselves without worry.

The Bad?
The film feels a lot longer because they throw in all these unexpected, and often unnecessary scenes. There are decently choreographed action scenes that feel elaborate and out-of-place. At one point, Ji-hoon copies Jet Li's Kiss of the Dragon pool ball kick.

The comedy does not work. It's either bad translation or poorly written dialogue, but there aren't many real laugh-out-loud moments.


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