Friday, August 29, 2008

Shiri review

Two of South Korea’s best special agents uncover killings in connection to an apparent resurfacing of Hee, North Korea’s best sniper and assassin. Upon the discovery of a highly trained North Korean Special Forces team’s plot to detonate a dangerous new explosive in the South, the agents and counter-must stop any potential threat that will further escalate the North and South Korean conflict.

The Good?
An A-list cast of Song Kang-ho, Han Suk-kyu, Kim Yun-jin and Choi Min-sik put in great performances all around. Granted it’s an action movie and there isn’t much room for acting, but this is a film to see for the stars.

The film has a solid, fast-paced plot full of twists and constant shoot-outs, typical of the genre and handled well. One of the agents (Ryu) has a personal matter that although predictable, is a nice twist that grabs our attention.

The Bad?
Although it’s hard to find anything wrong with the film, it is hard to fall in love with it as well. Perhaps because the film isn’t breaking any new ground with a typical plot full of Heat type shoot-outs, 10 explosives planted around the city and threats of moles in the agency.

In the end, the film is forgettable because there is no heart in the characters. The makings of an extra layer of emotion are there, but the film doesn’t take advantage of it. Without any charming, likeable or even interesting characters, it is hard to truly care about where the plot will go, despite the exciting action.


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