Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leaving Me, Loving You review

Dr. Chow (Leon Lai) and Yuet (Faye Wong), a couple living in Shanghai, break up. After instigating the break-up and beginning to doubt himself once his job involves him with Yuet again, Dr. Chow begins to reconcile with her but she doesn’t seem to agree.

The Good?
Faye Wong and Leon Lai. They have terrible characters, so it’s mainly just to see their pretty faces.

The shot composition was quite nice to view with lush colors, attractive camera movement and editing. This film works very well as a long-form tourist commercial for Shanghai.

The Bad?
Everything else. The plot lacks any substance of depth. Every scene between the two of them retreads the same ground with little emotion and boring dialogue. It’s the same old “Please take me back, let’s start again” scene repeatedly.

Terrible, forgettable characters do not make a good film. If you want sad, two-dimensional characters that can barely be described, you’ve found your new favorite film.

This film is grating and insanely boring. If you are a hard-core Faye Wong fan and you want to say you have seen all of her movies, just lie about it. You’ve read this review, that’s plenty.


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