Thursday, August 28, 2008

2LDK review

Bless the duel concept. A major filmmaker challenge between Ryuhei Kitamura and Yukihiko Tsutsumi over who can create the best duel film. Using only two characters and an enclosed environment, they both managed to ultimately make very different films, entertaining in their own respects.

2LDK is the more creative venture, placing its emphasis on dark comedy over action as two upcoming actress roommates share an apartment together, while vying for the same part. The audience delves into their environment with the girls battling over boyfriends, house responsibilities, and friends’ respect solely within the confines of these 2 bedrooms, Living room, dining room and kitchen. We take glimpses at their pasts, families, personalities and goals and eventually, their growing distaste for each other's presence expressed by interior monologues with bitter thoughts that completely contrast their sweet words.

The hate slowly rises to the inevitable climactic duel, which manages to be brutal and over-the-top as the gorgeous apartment is reduced to piles of glass and blood stained floors. Two seemingly weak females are thrown into walls, hit by metal toilet covers in the head, and electrocuted.

The main problems may be the uneventful build-ups and lack of the actresses’ charisma in preparation for the final bout, but coming away from the film, we feel like we've witnessed a fresh piece of filmmaking and a pretty damn entertaining movie if nothing else.


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